Puerto Rico Snorkeling

by gotourspr on May 2, 2014

Puerto Rico snorkeling is by far the most exciting thing you could do in Puerto Rico. You can take part in this water sport in many places throughout Puerto Rico. The best part about this water activity is that you need not know how to swim. All you need to do is put on the snorkeling gear and enjoy the natural adventure with underwater creatures.  Some of the most famous destinations for Puerto Rico snorkeling include Mona Island, which is located off the West coast of Puerto Rico, Caja de Muertos off the coast of the historical city of Ponce, La Paguera in southwest Puerto Rico and finally Fajardo. Your first choice could be Fajordo, considering that snorkeling in this place at night would enable you to see illuminated water by underwater luminous sea organisms.

But this is not the only underwater sea adventure you can be a part of in this island. If you are planning to go for Puerto Rico Snorkeling, we, at Go Tours Puerto Rico, can assist you by providing transportation service and guided tours.

Scuba Diving In Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving In Puerto Rico

Scuba diving in Puerto Rico is a little more challenging than snorkeling, as it requires you to go deeper into the water. However, you should not miss this activity, when you are in this part of the World. Fajardo and Mona Island are two fine destinations for scuba diving, and so is Southern Puerto Rico and Metropolitan San Juan.

Taking part in this adventure sports is a chance for you to take a close look at the underwater flora and fauna in slow motion. We, at Go Tours Puerto Rico, provide you guided tours and transportation services to help you enjoy Puerto Rico Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico.

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