Things to Do in San Juan

by gotourspr on January 29, 2014

If you are not sure about the things to do in San Juan, consider getting in touch with us. Apart from providing highly professional services for arranging tours and excursions during your Puerto Rico holiday, we would also be happy to provide you with substantial information about San Juan Puerto Rico attractions.  We also provide services for other excursions like El Yunque Rainforest Tours and Biobay Kayaking Tours.

The El Yunque Rain Forest

The El Yunque Rain Forest

San Juan Puerto Rico Attractions

San Juan Puerto Rico attractions should be chosen according to personal preferences. You can visit the various monuments and old world structures on foot or consider exploring the San Juan beaches, whichever suits. There are cathedrals, forts and museums galore. Our English speaking guide will help in appreciating them better.

When to Inform Us for Exploring the Things to Do in San Juan?

Ideally, you should consider getting in touch with us as and when you plan your trip and the as soon as the dates are in place. We will be happy to discuss all our service options and the associated rates with you. If you wish to explore San Juan Puerto Rico attractions in a group, make sure you share the group size with us. We provide cars, SUVs, mini vans, maxi vans and even chartered buses for exploring the things to do in San Juan. Once you specify the group size, we can suggest suitable options and discuss the prices with you.  Remember, if you have specific requirements, it would be essential to spell them out clearly. Also, please make sure you make your bookings at least 24 hours ahead in real time. We would need that much lead time for planning things in the best possible manner for you!

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